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IC Friday: TI’s MSP430F161

This weeks target is the MSP430F161(1). On a side note, check I will be attending the last Hope conference in a few weeks and am looking forward to Travis Goodspeed’s MSP430 talk.


CC1111 USB dev kits are now available from TI


This is in part a follow-up to the CC1110 IC Friday post from a few weeks back. TI has released a USB-dongle based development kit featuring their CC1111 system-on-chip radio communications IC. The board features an msp430 and the CC1111 on a self-contained USB stick and is about 50USD, approved
a very reasonable price. For those that want something cheaper, case
the samples for the family of low-power RF chips are already available and shipping. Finally, the board reference design can be found here and is also mirrored below.

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Design something cool with msp430, get a free TV and more (due 2nd October)


Texas Instuments is sponsoring another design contest with the msp430 architecture. There is a downloadable development tool for the msp430 as well as an available online simulator so if you have a creative project, page you need not actually invest money in a development kit, about it not that it’s expensive ($15.) Two finalists get some HDTVs and trips to the forthcoming msp430 conference.