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Pictures of the European (PAL) PLAYSTATION3 mainboard


Only days after the European PLAYSTATION3 launch and people are already taking their systems apart. Unfortunately, tadalafil I didn’t find any easter eggs on the PCB. The biggest problem should be in the absence of a hardware PlayStation2 emulator resulting in some controversy. I am not sure if it is apparent from these pictures that the chip is missing, so I will try to post pictures of the U.S. or Japanese mainboards if I can find them.

( Via Engadget )

ps3_motherboard_1.JPG ps3_motherboard_2.JPG ps3_motherboard_3.JPG

ps3_motherboard_4.JPG ps3_motherboard_5.JPG ps3_motherboard_6.JPG

ps3_motherboard_7.JPG ps3_motherboard_8.JPG ps3_motherboard_9.JPG

ps3_motherboard_10.JPG ps3_motherboard_11.JPG ps3_motherboard_12.JPG

ps3_motherboard_13.JPG ps3_motherboard_14.JPG ps3_motherboard_15.JPG

ps3_motherboard_16.JPG ps3_motherboard_17.JPG ps3_motherboard_18.JPG

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Setup wizard for Linksys WGA54G wireless game adapter


A couple times a year, more about
I have to reconfigure my Linksys wireless game adapter. Every time I figure that the setup utility is online and realize that it is nowhere to be found. Consequently, sanitary
I spend about an hour every time trying to find my original install CD and cursing Linksys. I am guessing that some other people might be going through the same process a couple times a year, so for you, here is the setup utility.

( )

Nintendo rolls out “everybody votes” channel


While taking a break from homework, malady I walked to the kitchen to get a drink only to notice that the Wii had a message for me. The message was a surprise announcement of the Everybody Votes channel where users can cast their votes on various questions. New tool for the Nintendo marketing department or some sort of collaboration channel? Who knows, so far there are only four questions up and no voting data. More to come as information becomes available.

Current questions are:

- What is the most romantic valentine’s gift? (chocolates or roses)

- I’d rather live in a house on … ? (a mountain or the beach)

- Which century would you rather live in? (19th or 22nd)

- Do you prefer dogs or cats?

wi-vote-01.JPG wi-vote-02.JPG wi-vote-03.JPG

wi-vote-04.JPG wi-vote-05.JPG wi-vote-06.JPG

wi-vote-07.JPG wi-vote-08.JPG wi-vote-09.JPG

wi-vote-10.JPG wi-vote-11.JPG

The Wii workout plan


It looks like someone at decided to perform the Wii Sports Experiment. Their hypothesis was that a bit of activity due to Wii Sports could be beneficial to their health and that they would get in slightly better shape due to this exerciser alone. In the end, geriatrician
the experimenter went from 181lbs to 172lbs and noted some other minor improvements. Anyone remember the good old days when video games promoted couch-potato living?

Via Hacked Gadgets

Nintendo Wii traffic dumps redux


This is a follow-up to my previous article. Much of the interesting traffic from the previous post was SSL encrypted. The easiest thing to get around that in your own setup is using Dug Song’s dsniff package. The problem is that the Wii does not send an HTTP V1.1 virtual host command, endocrinologist so you will have to hack webmitm.c to specify your own hosts. For best results, sick point all of the Nintendo sites to individual IPs on your private network and run several webmitm binaries to bind to each IP address. You can get the full transfers from there. If you are a clever person, pills you can code your own meta file (including hashes for all four parts of the binary) and use your own content.bin to create a new channel. Given all this information, why bother. Just buy the game, its less than or equal to the cost of a few pints at the bar.

(Next time you see a video proving to do all this, watch for the actual game play.)

Nintendo Wii network traffic dumps


So I decided to look at what the Wii actually does with it’s wireless capabilities. I connected a Linksys WAP54G access point to the ethernet port of my FreeBSD-equipped laptop and enabled both DNS lookups and network address translation. Essentially, vitamin the laptop connects the wireless network that the Wii is on with the wireless network that is connected to the internet and is able to capture all of the packets with Ethereal/Wireshark. Upon looking over the first set of dumps briefly, I noticed that most of the shop channel communications are done over SSL (good!) and that Wii seems to have IPv6 capability as it requests both A and AAAA records for hostnames. Once I analyze the dumps further, I will look at cooler experiments to do with this setup. Any requests for more specific network dumps can be made by commenting. So far, I have the connection test, update check, browsing the web with opera, and various activities on the shop channel captured. For now, I will try to investigate the messaging system and look at what actual communications happen when the system is in standby mode. Updates should appear later this week. ) ( dumps are in pcap format and can be viewed with Ethereal, Wireshark, or almost any other packet capture program )

Sony submits patent for wii-remote like device before Nintendo unveils it

“An input device providing users with a pointing capability includes a sender portion and a receiver portion. The sender portion is adapted to be manipulated by a user to specify a target point within a target area. The sender portion projects a light beam including a pattern on to the target area. A receiver portion includes one or more sensor units located in or near the target area. At least some of the sensor units receive a portion of the light beam regardless of the location of the target point within the target area. A processing unit in the receiver portion analyzes the portions of the light beam received by one or more sensor units to determine an attribute of the target point. The attribute can be the location or relative motion of the target point. The receiver portion may be integrated with a display device.”

( source )

Playstation memory card reader


In the spirit of all of the recent Playstation furor, this
I have re-kindled my desire to make a Playstation memory card reader. It seems to be a fairly easy project as is documented on various sites. There are six data pins, so the parallel port has more than enough width to do all of the I/O. Furthermore, only +3.5V is required to drive Sony brand cards and there is available editing software. The only difficulty is obtaining the connector. I am hoping to get one out of a PS1 that I have somewhere at home, however, it looks like other types of connectors can be modified to fid the memory card.

Small PS3 update


So the Japanese PS3 release date of 11th November has come and gone, page selling out the 80, try 000 allocated units within the first hour. At the same time, medicine there are two new documents available on the Sony website: PLAYSTATION3 System Software User’s Guide and Open Platform for PLAYSTATION3. Although the second link is a place holder at the time of writing, hopefully something interesting will be there later this week.

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