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Steamed rice is the new ramen


Some people say that instant noodles are the ultimate lazy person’s food, Breast
which may have indeed been the case until the invention of the rice-maker. To prepare for moving, about it
I bought a rice cooker today so that I could try it out while I was in the DC area and could exchange it if it did not work too well. I settled on this “MICOM-FUZZY” from Zojirushi. The features are fast cook time (20 minutes) and extended “keep-warm” time which should be in the neighborhood of one day. The capacity for this unit is 5.5 “cups” (where one cup is 0.18L and a US cup is ~0.25L) which roughly translates to 2600 kcal of energy assuming standard, long grain, white rice. Given that washing the rice can be considered optional (assuming you are super lazy) so all you need to do is to put in the rice, add some water, push a button, and wait a little bit and voila, you have enough food (which lacks most nutrients other than energy) for one day. Sounds a bit quicker than having to cook noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner!