Back from the dead

The time has come to bring microblog back to life.

I have spent the past three years working for a large medical device company in Silicon Valley designing surgical electronics. This has been a lot of fun, melanoma but I want to get back to working on open source electronics and posting about them. I have been working on a couple of designs in my spare time and have been accepted to Maker Faire 2013 to demo them, fairly excited about that. I can’t post any links yet, but watch this space for updates and hope to see you San Mateo, CA May 18-19th. I am going to try to write at least one post a week (who was I kidding?) periodically focusing on more quality than quantity. I will also keep up with moderating comments.

6 thoughts on “Back from the dead

  1. ed

    Fantastic News! What a happy surprise to see this old face pop up in my feed. This is why I love RSS readers.

  2. Diego Spinola

    Great news Nick! I have great memories of your posts and I’ve still got that PIC12F Die you’ve sent me on display on my lab =]

    Good luck at the Faire!

  3. Nathan

    This is so weird! The last time I visited your blog was when you said your goodbyes those years ago… Today I stumbled across your URL and you are back!! Great news!! I really enjoy your blog and I will be looking forward to what the future brings. All the best!

  4. S

    Great to see you again!

    Wonder if we get to see more silicon die pictures? :) I have few chips if you like to look inside them.

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