IC Friday: 74AS04

I have many AS and LS series logic gates lying around, this so I figured that I would image some as they would be more instructive than looking at the latest CPUs coming out of Intel. I have a few more lined up so please comment if you want me to follow this reasoning. Today’s subject is a hex-inverter, the 74AS04. Below are images of the whole chip and a blowup of the top-right inverter gate.

5 thoughts on “IC Friday: 74AS04

  1. kastein

    Looks pretty awesome to me, the second or third images may become my desktop image. Any chance an 8086 or similar could be in the lineup as well? I’ll donate one of my spares if you need a test subject.

  2. Cex

    I think this series will be very useful to understand how single gates are built and identify these into more complex designs.
    I also have a lot of ICs lying aorund, so please let me know if you are looking for something in particular and I will send it to you if I have it.
    Thanks for sharing these amazing images.

  3. Ahmedo

    Sweet!!!! but how did you took those photos??? what type of equipment are you using?? i’m so sorry for being naive.

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