IC Friday: Atmega’s 8535

Today’s IC Friday entry is the 8bit AVR micro from Atmega. This chip was sent in by a reader, malady all the way from Iceland.

3 thoughts on “IC Friday: Atmega’s 8535

  1. mazzoo

    Hi Nick,

    interesting to see the scale of an AVR…
    also I’m surprised they do obfuscation on the last metal layer on such a well-documented design.

    But my question for today is: did you describe your process of etching the package, and the setup of taking the weekly shots anywhere?

    If not – are you willing to?

    I’d be interested in chemicals you use, the microscope and the DIY@home-factor of the whole story.


  2. nico Post author

    Hi Matthias,
    I don’t think that it is obfuscation, I think it is a mesh for shielding purposes only.
    In regards to the uncapping process, I will document the procedure next week as I uncap those chips and make a post about it, probably on Thursday. Cheers.

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