Monthly Archives: July 2008

IC Friday: NDS Cryprocard

Today’s IC Friday is another reader-submitted chip. This is cryptoworks six-pin smartcard. The only writing on it is “TUBEAV A”.

IC Friday: Mitsubishi M5K4164

Today’s entry is an old memory chip from Mitsubishi, order the M5K4164. This is another chip submitted by a reader, again, all the way from Iceland.

HOW TO: write an IC Friday post

As I promised, ampoule here is a outline of the steps I go through to make the weekly IC Friday posts. First, visit a word of caution:

Handling sulfuric acid REQUIRES specialized training and equipment. Misuse can result in serious injury or death. Furthermore, steroids improper disposal can cause serious illness to others and permanent damage to your workspace. Finally, adequate ventilation/fume extraction is a MUST when heating sulfuric acid.

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IC Friday: Atmega’s 8535

Today’s IC Friday entry is the 8bit AVR micro from Atmega. This chip was sent in by a reader, malady all the way from Iceland.

IC Friday: TI’s MSP430F161

This weeks target is the MSP430F161(1). On a side note, check I will be attending the last Hope conference in a few weeks and am looking forward to Travis Goodspeed’s MSP430 talk.