IC Friday: National Semiconductor’s LMC6042


Today’s entry is the LMC6042 dual-op amp from National Semiconductor. The layout of this device is a bit different from a standard op-amp due to the inclusion of some periodic components. It can also be noted that this die is mostly the same as the LMC6044 except that the two op-amps on the bottom-right side of the chip don’t have most of the metal deposited.


lmc6042-60x-01.jpg lmc6042-60x-02.jpg lmc6042-60x-03.jpg

lmc6042-60x-04.jpg lmc6042-60x-05.jpg lmc6042-60x-06.jpg

lmc6042-60x-07.jpg lmc6042-60x-08.jpg lmc6042-60x-09.jpg

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