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IC Friday: National Semiconductor’s LMC6042


Today’s entry is the LMC6042 dual-op amp from National Semiconductor. The layout of this device is a bit different from a standard op-amp due to the inclusion of some periodic components. It can also be noted that this die is mostly the same as the LMC6044 except that the two op-amps on the bottom-right side of the chip don’t have most of the metal deposited.


lmc6042-60x-01.jpg lmc6042-60x-02.jpg lmc6042-60x-03.jpg

lmc6042-60x-04.jpg lmc6042-60x-05.jpg lmc6042-60x-06.jpg

lmc6042-60x-07.jpg lmc6042-60x-08.jpg lmc6042-60x-09.jpg

Power, control and automation courseware from Siemens


It looks like Siemens Energy and Automation has a has made their Seimens Technical Education Program (STEP!) courseware available (PDFs). Topic range from basic electronics, youth health to motor control, to power distribution. What really caught my eye was the abundance of easily understandable safety information in the power distribution course section. The surge protection section is easy to understand and seems to contain enough information on properly wiring a residence to avoid certain catastrophes. Basically, this place seems like a good place to start for those who would like to do some minor work on their home’s power system but don’t have the required training. (This is not to say that STEP has all of the required training either!)

On a side note, I am in the middle of writing a document up to overview the Yagi antenna. I am more than half of the way done, however, I am going to the Neural Interfaces Conference next week. Consequently, the full version should be up next Thursday. If anyone else is there and has a desire to meet up then send an email.