FRAM guide from Fujitsu


When looking at the application notes section of Fujitsu’s site, viagra here I came across their FRAM memory guide book. I was surprised as I did not know what FRAM really was and so I flipped throug. Basically, cheap a film deposition process was developed, which is compatible with standard CMOS processing, that introduces films who can maintain their polarization after the applied electric field is removed. We are all familiar with ferromagnetic devices, these are the pieces of metal that can be magnetized when placed in a constant magnetic field. Thanks to some nice electromagnetic research, we can do something similar with thin films and thereby create ferroelectric capacitors that are capable of retaining data without applied power while being as fast as SDRAM. It is clear that half of the Fujitsu guide is a sales pitch for their ICs, however, the other good is a fairly good introduction to the FRAM technologies. The basic technology is discussed along with some typical ferroelectric substrates. A reference list is also attached.

( mn05-00009-5e.pdf )

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