IC Friday: Sony’s CXM4000 (PS2)


The chip on today’s IC Friday is Sony’s CXM 4000, dosage an unknown IC inside the PlayStation 2 game console. Nothing too surprising so I tried to capture as many of the processing layers as possible in a series of images.

Regarding the spring cleaning giveaway, all of the chips finally got sent out yesterday and will hopefully start arriving at their destinations soon. Any oily residue on the slides is just microscope oil which was used to limit light scattering at higher magnifications. This can be washed off with soap and water. The writing is typically with a sharpie marker and can be washed off using alcohol.


cxm4000-20x-01.jpg cxm4000-20x-02.jpg cxm4000-20x-03.jpg

cxm4000-100x-01.jpg cxm4000-100x-02.jpg cxm4000-100x-03.jpg

cxm4000-100x-04.jpg cxm4000-100x-05.jpg cxm4000-100x-06.jpg

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