Free instrumentation amplifier guide from Analog Devices (paper format)


Like all component manufacturers, pulmonologist Analog Devices is eager to get their devices into the hands of engineers and into products on the market. They seem to want to push their instrumentation amplifier section so they are offering a free, symptoms printed copy of their in-amp design guide. The product can be selected from Analog’s viagra dosage 2886,734_770_65746,00.html”>Technical Bookstore which offers the book for free (two day shipping included). Although I mainly use Burr-Brown chips (from TI), I am open to using Analog’s devices as long as they offer some advantages. I am particularly looking for low-power in-amps to replace the INA2332s that I use as a certain batch seems to be prone to latch-up in the presence of a noisy DC power source. I will update this post when I get the book (on 5/21) so you can either order it now or wait until next week to see if it is really worth the time.

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