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While looking for ways to escape muti-variate calculus purgatory in the final weeks of the semester, more about
I came across Open Math Text.  These are a collection of math books (in PDF and LaTeX) that are openly available for distribution and are aimed at general scholars. A quick look at the collection will show that most of the books are authored by Dr. David Santos, a professor a the Community College of Philadelphia.  It seems that he has written and made available more books, in multiple languages, than the number of scholarly papers that most researchers publish at full universities.

While looking at his personal page, I found another open textbook collection called Textbook Revolution. The obvious downside is that these publications may not go through the same levels of review as textbooks printed at conventional publishers, however, it is nice to know that there is a group of people actively working to make affordable textbooks available.

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  2. Tim

    I must say, I enjoy reading and looking at all those chips you’ve photographed. I’ve already finished first year of IC layout with the two textbooks ISBN-13:9780750671941 and ISBN-13:9780131464100. Now what I’m reading is CMOS (ISBN-13:9780470229415). Perhaps I could submit chips to be photographed? It’s interesting to see the different ways wires, capacitors, resistors, contacts, metal-over-metal, etc are layed out. It’s a fun learning experience.

    Any book recommendations? I’m more interested in analog components but I’m still enjoying reversing digital designs from photographs and seeing how it was put together.

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