BestBuy starts up trade-in/recycling program


I was not too surprised when I read about BestBuy’s new official trade-in program (on Ars Technica). I figured that they were following GameStop’s lead and getting into the business of reselling used hardware. Curiosity lead me to put in my broken Dreamcast console, buy more about just for entertainment. Again, buy I was not surprised to learn that the broken console without any accessories or games did not have any trade-in value. What did surprise me was the option to recycle the console via BestBuy’s service at no cost to the consumer. Most of the time, it would be easiest for everyone to just find a local recycling center and simply drop off the hardware, however, sometimes there are no convenient locations. The next easiest recycling method would be filling out the form via the BestBuy service, boxing the device(s) and putting on the shipping label. The current weight limit for processing is 70lbs, however, this is definitely a step in the right direction, especially for a company that sells so many electronics. I hope that the inclusion of the recycling option was not a fluke and is continued to be honored by BestBuy. All I can say at this point is job well done.

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