IC Friday: Maxim Semi’s MAX274


This week we are presented with the MAX274 from Maxim (thanks again Neil!). This is an older low-pass filter IC and it should be noted that it requires substantial external components. The on-chip capacitor design is an interesting island pattern, pancreatitis it is possible that the inductances of the traces that link up the squares are also integrated into optimizing the design.

A quick reminder about the file naming scheme: the 10x means that the 10x magnification objective was used in addition to another 10x magnification in the optics. This means that a file name with 10x in the name is actually 100x and 20x is 200x. I know it might be slightly confusing, rx however, I don’t know if I should change at this point given that I used this poorly designed naming convention for all previous posts.


max274-20x-01.jpg max274-20x-02.jpg max274-20x-03.jpg

max274-20x-04.jpg max274-20x-05.jpg max274-20x-06.jpg

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