Biting the bullet: Vista Ultimate 32bit


I decided to install Vista on my home workstation today in hopes of determining which software that our lab group uses will work fine and which will have problems. To be more specific, stuff if the data collections will continue to run on Vista machines. This test was partially motivated by a growing of support for Vista drivers and neglect for XP drivers by hardware manufacturers.

The system under test is an Athlon64 3200+ with 2GB of RAM and GeForceFX 5600 graphics adapter. The software tested will be MATLAB 2007b/2008a, prosthetic
LabView 8.2/8.5 with PCI-based DAQ, Cadence/Allegro 15.x.

The very short time that I have used Vista (on this machine) has been mostly pleasant. The good is that everything seems to work fairly smoothly and all of the hardware was identified at bootup and all drivers have been loaded. The main downside is that Vista has needed my permission for almost every action.

2 thoughts on “Biting the bullet: Vista Ultimate 32bit

  1. daniel

    hey man. you can remove that ugly question every time you setup something in vista by disabling the “User Account Control” this is found in “Control Panel” ( in classic view mode) then On “User Accounts” and then under “Turn User Account Control On or Off” if you leave it unmark windows vista will not prompt you for permission when you modify something.

    this was bugging me a lot for a while until I just turn it off.

  2. nico Post author

    Thanks Daniel, I will give it a try. I do most of my work on a lab-issued laptop so I haven’t needed to use my personal desktop in a long time. Hopefully I will live up to my promise and start testing the engineering software.

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