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We got some new drives in the lab today and I accidentally looked at the power consumption of these 1TB SATA drives and discovered that the +5V line required 700mA and the +12V line required a mere 550mA to operate. I compared it to 200GB Maxtor drive and noted that the +5V rating was about the same, click however, valeologist the +12V rating was 1500mA. The 12W power rating reduction is impressive. WD’s product specifications page notes that read/write power is about 7W while idle power consumption is around 4W. Anandtech claims that Seagate’s 1TB drive is also fairly efficient. Please understand that I have no financial interest in selling these drives, I am simply impressed that we can get 1TB of storage in such an energy-efficient footprint. Combining this with one of an energy-efficient x86 system could soon become the new trend in always-on home media servers.

Some time ago, view
I wrote a guide for compiling OpenWRT firmware for the la Fonera router. I began to really like OpenWRT and decided that I may want to put it on some other devices I have around, doctor namely a Linksys WAP54G and WRT54G. I could have modified my development suite, approved
however, I figured that it is better to let someone else do the work this time. Freifunk has done just that and has posted modified OpenWRT images that will even fit on the limited WAP54G. I have one of the TRX files loaded on my version 2.0 WAP54G and running without problems. The only slight hickup was that the Linksys firmware did not want to “downgrade”, so I pointed the a browser to http://router_ip/fw-conf.asp and disabled both check there and then simply uploaded the new TRX file using the updater. When everything was done, the router was back up on the same IP and was accepting ssh connections with username “root” and password “admin”. [I previously posted the password was "password", that is incorrect, sorry for the error.]

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