IC Friday: Sony’s (Toshiba’s) Emotion Engine


This week, info
we have the Playstation 2 Emotion Engine. Upon doing some background research, discount
I came across this nice article regarding the design of the PS2 memory subsystem by Rambus.  On a side note, I had to subject this chip to an acid bath twice so as not to risk cracking it when I removing the die from the package. The was that some of the surface scratches actually ended up removing part of the metal layer on to and exposing some of the chips innards. Next time I run into a chip that is mostly metal on top, I may try to exploit this technique to remove some of the cover. I might also try to use a UV laser that my department just bought.




ps2-ee-40x-03.jpg ps2-ee-40x-02.jpg ps2-ee-40x-01.jpg

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