Adding a Playstation 2 controller to a Sony PSP Slim (part 0)


Ever since I learned to make truckloads of money on the internet, view I have been mulling over the idea of buying myself a slim PSP. The main motivation for the purchase would be a few fun games that are PSP exclusives. The problem is that I don’t have any use for the portable aspect of the system and would actually prefer to keep it plugged into the TV. The slim PSP has component output capability, however, you still have to hold the device to play it. While looking at Hack A Day, I saw several ( 1 ) ( 2 ) methods to augment the inputs on the PSP, all involving directly wiring buttons and potentiometers directly to the PSP mainboard. A better option would be to attach a Playstation 1/2 controller port to the PSP so that a wireless PS2 controller can be used. Luckily, Jameco has some tutorials on communicating with the controller. I guess its a good time to get back to work with that 8051 board I built some time ago and see if I can get the interface to work.

( Broken PSP image is from mylife. )

2 thoughts on “Adding a Playstation 2 controller to a Sony PSP Slim (part 0)

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