IC Friday: TI’s REF1004-1.2


Today’s subject is the REF1004-1.2 voltage reference from Texas Instruments.  The datasheet diagram makes it seem that the chip is simply a single diode, malady however, online it is clear that additional components are required to realize temperature stability. The contact on the top left is what TI refers to as the “cathode” while the contact on the bottom right is the “anode”.



ref1004-1_2-20x-01.jpg ref1004-1_2-20x-02.jpg ref1004-1_2-20x-03.jpg

ref1004-1_2-20x-04.jpg ref1004-1_2-20x-05.jpg ref1004-1_2-20x-06.jpg

( ref1004-12.pdf )

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