IC Friday: Wolfson Microelectronics’ WM8758BG

This week’s feature is the audio/video CODEC from Wolfson (often misspelled as Wolfsom). I don’t yet have the datasheet for this device but it is from the iPhone and can reportedly be found in some of the video iPods. It is difficult to distinguish the parts of the chip in their function, decease however, it is interesting to note that the device seems to have both EEPROM and RAM providing the possibility for some level of “firmware”. It can be seen that Wolfson is a Scottish company both on their website and on the die with a small image of Scotland.

Update: It appears that I made a mistake and the chip number should actually read WM8758BG (see iFixit), not WM87588G. Sorry about the confusion.


wm87588g-20x-01.jpg wm87588g-20x-02.jpg wm87588g-20x-03.jpg

wm87588g-20x-04.jpg wm87588g-20x-05.jpg wm87588g-20x-06.jpg

wm87588g-20x-07.jpg wm87588g-20x-08.jpg wm87588g-20x-09.jpg

wm87588g-60x-01.jpg wm87588g-60x-02.jpg wm87588g-60x-03.jpg

wm87588g-60x-04.jpg wm87588g-60x-05.jpg wm87588g-60x-06.jpg

wm87588g-100x-01.jpg wm87588g-100x-02.jpg wm87588g-100x-03.jpg

wm87588g-100x-04.jpg wm87588g-100x-05.jpg wm87588g-100x-06.jpg

3 thoughts on “IC Friday: Wolfson Microelectronics’ WM8758BG

  1. Eduardo

    Does anybody knows which is the ic on the u31 position in the ipod video mainboard 820-1975-A, I have one with this ic burn, for that reason the usb charge and comunications of the ipod don´t work, it can be charged by firewire.
    It there any schematics of ipod mainboards?

  2. julien

    Up !
    i’ve the same problem did ou find what is this U31 chip (marked BG on top ) and they have 6 pin

  3. urwi

    just had the same issue.
    IC U31 is a MAXIM protection IC MAX4845ELT.
    Solution is to remove this IC, and short pins 2 and 3 of beneath mosfet, think it is Q28.
    This way the input over voltage protection is disabled (take care with touching pins), but functionality is ok again.
    Good luck …

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