IC Friday: Intersil’s X9250


This week we have the X9250 from Intersil. This is a SPI-programmable quad potentiometer. The one imaged is 100kOhm total resistance. This unit is responsible for the gain and offset control in my digitally-programmable amplifiers and has done a fairly good job so far. It should be noted that the device can read out the wiper positions and has non-volatile storage. Finally, visit
the maximum current limit for the device is 15mA through the wiper which may be lower than a comparable mechanical potentiometer.


x9250ts-10x-01.jpg x9250ts-10x-02.jpg x9250ts-10x-03.jpg

x9250ts-20x-01.jpg x9250ts-20x-02.jpg x9250ts-20x-03.jpg

x9250ts-60x-01.jpg x9250ts-60x-02.jpg x9250ts-60x-03.jpg

x9250ts-60x-04.jpg x9250ts-60x-05.jpg x9250ts-60x-06.jpg

x9250ts-100x-01.jpg x9250ts-100x-02.jpg x9250ts-100x-03.jpg

( x9250ts.pdf )

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