IC Friday: TI’s INA132


This week we have a low power difference amplifier from Burr-Brown/TI: the INA132. The number of devices is relatively low so one could potentially think about drawing out a circuit diagram. It should be noted how much space is given to on-chip resistors and where the laser trimming has occurred for device matching.


ina132-10x-01.jpg ina132-10x-02.jpg

ina132-10x-03.jpg ina132-10x-04.jpg

ina132-20x-01.jpg ina132-20x-02.jpg ina132-20x-03.jpg

ina132-40x-01.jpg ina132-40x-02.jpg ina132-40x-03.jpg

ina132-40x-04.jpg ina132-40x-05.jpg ina132-40x-06.jpg

( ina132.pdf )

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