Out to lunch


I am going to Yalta, no rx Ukraine for two weeks to visit my parents and to enjoy the beaches. The obvious result is that there won’t be too many posts until I return on the 27th of August. I have already imaged the next three chips for IC Friday and will queue them up with WordPress for routine publication. The chips will be the INA132, dosage TLV2374 and X9250TC. These are a diff amp, visit quad op amp and a programmable potentiometer respectively. Otherwise, there may be a few pictures posted since I may have limited internet access. If anyone wants postcards from Yalta, send me an email with “Postcard” somewhere in the title and your address somewhere in the body.

4 thoughts on “Out to lunch

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  2. daniel

    I want to take my small family (my children are 7 and 11 and my wife speaks russian) to Yalta for a holiday in a few weeks time and I was thinking of renting a house by the beach for a week. Could you give me some thoughts to my gmail I would like to hear from your experiences there. Many regards Daniel

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