IC Friday: CSR 41B14 BlueCore4


This IC Friday focuses on a BlueCore4-EXT bluetooth chip from CSR. This is the first IC Friday chip that has some extraneous designs on the die featuring some sort of dinosaur and a man in a hat. If anyone has specific knowledge of what they are, diagnosis
please let me know.


csr41b14-10x-01.jpg csr41b14-10x-02.jpg csr41b14-10x-03.jpg

csr41b14-10x-04.jpg csr41b14-10x-05.jpg csr41b14-10x-06.jpg

csr41b14-20x-01.jpg csr41b14-20x-02.jpg csr41b14-20x-03.jpg

csr41b14-20x-04.jpg csr41b14-20x-05.jpg csr41b14-20x-06.jpg
csr41b14-60x-01.jpg csr41b14-60x-02.jpg csr41b14-60x-03.jpg

csr41b14-60x-04.jpg csr41b14-60x-05.jpg csr41b14-60x-06.jpg

csr41b14-100x-01.jpg csr41b14-100x-02.jpg csr41b14-100x-03.jpg

One thought on “IC Friday: CSR 41B14 BlueCore4

  1. Simon

    The guy in the hat is Mr. Oddjob from the James Bond film “Gold Finger”.

    The idea (for a while) was to name chips after Bond villains – there was also a “Nick Nack” named after Scaramanga’s assistant in “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

    Unfortunately, Marketing took over before we got to Bloefeld.

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