How to fix a call problem on a Verizon Motorola Q


I decided to upgrade my Razr V3C to a silver Motorola Q by way of Craigslist.  After activating the phone initially, epilepsy I had some problems with making phone calls. I was able to browse the web using EVDO any time, order but I was unable to make any outgoing or receive incoming phone calls. On the outgoing calls, I wouln’t even hear ringing. After a some times, I dialled 911 to see what would happen assuming that the phone would be designed make every possible attempt to make that call go through. Surprisingly, I heard a few rings and quickly hung up before connecting with 911. The icon at the top of the phone indicated CDMA (1X) mode and every subsequent outbound call went through without problems. I figured that the issue was with the CDMA/EVDO switching so I did some searches and used the following steps to correct the problem:

  • dial ‘##073887*’ and hit the send button
  • enter ’000000′ for the security code (don’t forget to hold the shift key to enter ’0′ instead of ‘?’)
  • you are now inside the programming menu!
  • go to ‘G Test Mode’
  • change the status to ‘Enabled’
  • hit ‘Back’ then ‘Exit’ and then you can end the call
  • dial ‘##*’ and hit the send button
  • you are now in the field test mode!
  • select ‘B Field Test Menu’
  • select ‘E HDR Preference’ and make sure that ‘Automatic’ is selected and hit back
  • select ‘F HDR Hybrid’ and make sure that ‘On’ is selected

This will make sure that the phone will switch between EVDO and CDMA depending on the task at hand. Unlike the RAZR, the USB driver for the phone is Microsoft ActiveSync, so that is what needs to be installed on a Windows machine to recharge the device. I will get a few more things posted about this phone after I play with it some more.

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