iPhone PCB scans


I apologize to those who are sick of seeing iPhone related news clogging the internet. As per request, prescription
below are the scans of the two PCBs with and without the chips. It is likely that there will be a few more IC Fridays displaying iPhone chips with the hope of finding some easter eggs and then the grand finale will be my attempt at reading the 4GB flash chip. The 48 TSSOP adapter has been ordered already and with a lot of luck, viagra approved
I may be able to use a method that involves interfacing the flash with a SD card reader. With even more luck, the chip will not be destroyed. Finally, if the planets align, it may be possible to read the contents of the chip in a meaningful way. After that, I will look for other gadgets to dissect. Files are about 3MB each.





8 thoughts on “iPhone PCB scans

  1. nico Post author

    Thanks John. I have had some limited success trying to disassemble the PCBs layer by layer and will try to post something soon if I can salvage any useful images. I have also mounted the flash chip in a TSSOP adapter PCB in the hope of reading it. The method described at uCHobby that involves wiring the flash chip to a SD card reader has failed so I am contemplating writing some LabView code to read the chip using a digital I/O board. I am also getting ready to go for a two week vacation so I am pretty busy with academic work. Hopefully I will have more news soon, but I don’t think it will happen until the end of August.

  2. nico Post author

    I think that it is possible that the iPhone might be able to use the first 8GB of the 16GB flash chip, although, I doubt it would do anything useful. Even if the OS is mostly the same, there may be some minute difference that would not allow it to load properly.

  3. Mee

    interest and what type of flash chip on i-phone are u knows ? and it posible to clone flash data to damage phone ?

  4. nico Post author

    Hi Mee, the flash is from Samsung and is a standard 4 or 8 GB. It may be possible to clone the flash to un-brick a damaged phone, however, I have not looked at its contents and am not sure.

  5. диваны киев

    “do you think the 16GB memory from the ipod touch could be pin-compatible with an 8GB iphone? do you think they could be transplanted?”

    I think they are interchangeable, as 8Gb and 16Gb are closer than 4Gb. although one can say exactly when replacing.

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