IC Friday: iPhone’s Apple 338S0459 “mystery chip”


This is the second Apple-branded chip on the larger iPhone logic board, gerontologist the other being the processor/ram combination. Various sources around the industry are speculating that Philips/NXP is responsible for the power management chip for the phone. Judging by the Philips copyright symbol, apoplexy I would have to agree that it is something like an NXP PCF50626 or PCF60633. Some of the chip’s structure can be seen under the metal pattern as well as some exposed circuits. I can see what looks to be three ADCs/comparators on the right side of the chip and at least four charge pumps in the middle and left side (noted by the square capacitors and large drive transistors).

Again, great thanks to Think Secret for sending me the chips!

a338s0459-4x-01.jpg a338s0459-4x-02.jpg

a338s0459-4x-03.jpg a338s0459-4x-04.jpg

a338s0459-10x-01.jpg a338s0459-10x-02.jpg a338s0459-10x-03.jpg

a338s0459-10x-04.jpg a338s0459-10x-05.jpg a338s0459-10x-06.jpg

a338s0459-20x-01.jpg a338s0459-20x-02.jpg a338s0459-20x-03.jpg
a338s0459-60x-01.jpg a338s0459-60x-02.jpg a338s0459-60x-03.jpg

a338s0459-60x-04.jpg a338s0459-60x-05.jpg a338s0459-60x-06.jpg

a338s0459-100x-01.jpg a338s0459-100x-02.jpg a338s0459-100x-03.jpg

Update: Here is a picture of the bare PCB. The place where this chip was attached is boxed in red.


7 thoughts on “IC Friday: iPhone’s Apple 338S0459 “mystery chip”

  1. insidetronics

    Very interesting blog. You have made a great job with the iphone chips.

    I saw that the NXP PMUs you suggest has different pin-outs.

    Could you please say to me which is the pinout of your apple chip?

    HVQFN112 or 68-pin HVQFN?

    In both cases you have 17 pins in the border as is seen in the photos.


  2. nico Post author

    Thanks for the compliment! To clarify, I meant that I thought this was a PMU from NXP with similar functionality to the part numbers I mentioned. I updated the post with an image of the iPhone PCB that this came from. It is indeed a 68 pin package. Hope this helps!

  3. PNTu

    Interesting works. Would you post the high-res picture of the PCBs (both the AP board and the BP board) and inspect the infineon BP?

  4. nico Post author

    Thanks PNTu. The PCB scans are coming up, the Infineon chip might come up on one of the forthcoming IC Fridays.

  5. insidetronics

    Thank you very much for the PCB scans.

    Please, would be very interesting to see the GSM transceiver in your IC fridays, because the Semiconductor Insights guess M1817A11 is not a known Infineon part and this chip remains a mystery.

    By the way, what kind of chips are you interested to have for your IC fridays? May be I could send you.

  6. nico Post author

    I will try to do the GSM chip in the upcoming weeks. In terms of chips, I am interested in everything. I think that newer chips images make for better desktop backgrounds than study aids since they have multiple metal layers and nothing can usefully be identified even at 100x magnification. Having stated that, I have the technology to uncap almost any kind of chip package, so if you have some chips you are curious about (and don’t mind having destroyed) send them over. My shipping address is in one of the IC Friday posts.

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