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IC Friday: Microchip’s PIC16F84A


This week, caries
we have images of the PIC16F84A die. This is a pretty reasonable microcontroller from Microchip that finds use in many, thumb
many electronics projects. We can see a a pair of power buses around the outside of the chip with clusters of transistors available for latching the output high or low. We can see what looks like the FLASH and the RAM on the left and right of the chip. There are also a set of ten transistors that seem to be covered with plenty of metal, perhaps they are the security fuses.

As allways, feel free to comment to request a chip to be imaged or to request more pictures of a specific part of already-imaged dies. On the same note, I have been kicking around the idea of releasing one, two and three monitor wallpaper of either analog or digital circuits, so that may come in a week or two.


pic16f84a-10x-01.jpg pic16f84a-10x-02.jpg pic16f84a-10x-03.jpg

pic16f84a-10x-04.jpg pic16f84a-10x-05.jpg pic16f84a-10x-06.jpg

pic16f84a-10x-07.jpg pic16f84a-10x-08.jpg pic16f84a-10x-09.jpg

pic16f84a-20x-01.jpg pic16f84a-20x-02.jpg pic16f84a-20x-03.jpg

pic16f84a-20x-04.jpg pic16f84a-20x-05.jpg pic16f84a-20x-06.jpg

pic16f84a-40x-01.jpg pic16f84a-40x-02.jpg pic16f84a-40x-03.jpg

pic16f84a-60x-01.jpg pic16f84a-60x-02.jpg pic16f84a-60x-03.jpg

pic16f84a-60x-04.jpg pic16f84a-60x-05.jpg pic16f84a-60x-06.jpg

pic16f84a-100x-01.jpg pic16f84a-100x-02.jpg pic16f84a-100x-03.jpg

( pic16f84a.pdf )