Orcad Layout has reached end-of-life


It is now official:


To our valued OrCAD Layout customers:

As demonstrated in the OrCAD® product 16.0 release, link Cadence® continues to invest in providing a fully scalable PCB design solution for our customers – one that grows with you as your PCB designs grow in complexity. We’ve all seen the PCB design landscape change dramatically in recent years. In order to help customers meet current market demands and maximize productivity, visit this Cadence continues to leverage the power of its proven Allegro® PCB technology within our OrCAD product line. This allows Cadence to offer customers unique suites and technology bundles that address current and future design challenges.

This letter is intended to communicate some important developments regarding the future of Cadence OrCAD Layout. Cadence has begun the End-of-Life process for Cadence OrCAD Layout technology based products.

Please Note: Cadence OrCAD Capture, pill OrCAD Capture CIS, and PSpice® technology are all integral parts of Cadence’s long-term product strategy and are not affected by this notice.

Effective July 31, 2007, Cadence will no longer sell the following Cadence OrCAD Layout based technology products:

1. OrCAD Layout (PO1410)
2. OrCAD Layout Plus (PO1420)
3. OrCAD Unison PCB (PO1510)
4. OrCAD Unison Ultra (PO1530)
5. Layout Studio (PS1430)

We acknowledge that transitioning software systems is never easy and is often a juggling act between investing in learning new technologies and meeting current business priorities. EMA is committed to ensuring we do everything possible to help minimize the impact on you, wherever possible. To help ease the transition, Cadence is providing OrCAD Layout customers with multiple paths for migrating to new technology that leverages the power of Allegro PCB Editor. Learn more about the various transition path options by visiting http://www.ema-eda.com/orcadlayout.

The products entering End of Sale will be supported thru March 31, 2009. After that date, these products will no longer be supported for hot-fixes or support calls and will not be shipped on the OrCAD CD set.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss these changes and how it may impact you, please contact your EMA Account Manager. You may also contact the EMA technical support team at 585-334-6001, Option 5, or by email at techsupport@ema-eda.com.

We remain focused on providing solutions to ensure your ongoing and future success!

Best regards,
Manny Marcano

President and CEO
EMA Design Automation

Many people saw this coming as virtually no new features have been added to Layout in the past four years, only bug fixes. Although Allegro PCB Editor is a little bit more pricey, I think its worth it, especially for high performance designs. Finally, the Layout site gives some instructions on migrating. Layout,… we have had some great times together:

  • The great and unavoidable crashes that used to occur when the user would lock the (win32) workstation running Layout
  • All the excellent times that Layout would close your design without saving if you hit CTRL-C twice instead of once
  • Layout’s inability to recognize artwork that was placed on the Global Layer (0) when creating Gerber files

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