IC Friday: TI’s INA116


The chip here is the INA116 from TI (Burr Brown). This is an excellent instrumentation amplifier and a true workhorse here in the lab.  It is apparent from the layout that this is a BiCMOS and it should be noted how large the die is compared to other integrated circuits. There also many more resistors on this die than some of the other analog circuits with signs of laser trimming.

ina116-10x-01.jpg ina116-10x-02.jpg ina116-10x-03.jpg

ina116-10x-04.jpg ina116-10x-05.jpg ina116-10x-06.jpg

ina116-10x-07.jpg ina116-10x-08.jpg ina116-10x-09.jpg

ina116-10x-10.jpg ina116-10x-11.jpg ina116-10x-12.jpg

ina116-20x-01.jpg ina116-20x-02.jpg ina116-20x-03.jpg

ina116-40x-01.jpg ina116-40x-02.jpg ina116-40x-03.jpg

ina116-40x-04.jpg ina116-40x-05.jpg ina116-40x-06.jpg


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