IC Friday: Realtek’s RTL8101L


This was the other Realtek chip, emergency
a highly-integrated ethernet controller, that I subjected to the sulfuric acid two weeks ago. Unfortunately, just as the previous chip, I did a poor job gluing the die to a microscope slide resulting in some glue on top of the chip. Like the previous chip, this one shows little surprises and no artifacts. The designers of the chip did include labels for each processing steps, somewhere around ten different procedures.

rtl8101l-10x-01.jpg rtl8101l-10x-02.jpg rtl8101l-10x-03.jpg

rtl8101l-10x-04.jpg rtl8101l-10x-05.jpg rtl8101l-10x-06.jpg

rtl8101l-10x-07.jpg rtl8101l-10x-08.jpg rtl8101l-10x-09.jpg

rtl8101l-20x-01.jpg rtl8101l-20x-02.jpg rtl8101l-20x-03.jpg

rtl8101l-20x-04.jpg rtl8101l-20x-05.jpg rtl8101l-20x-06.jpg

rtl8101l-60x-01.jpg rtl8101l-60x-02.jpg rtl8101l-60x-03.jpg

rtl8101l-100x-01.jpg rtl8101l-100x-02.jpg rtl8101l-100x-03.jpg


( rtl8101lv15.pdf )

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