CMOS operational amplifier designs


Since I am taking a CMOS linear integrated circuit design course, search
I thought it would be reasonable to try to find a few designs of practical operational amplifiers that have been commercially used. Everyone knows the LM741 BJT op amp, but I found it to be difficult to find some complete CMOS designs, even for obsolete parts. I emailed many linear device vendors (TI, Analog Devices, National Semiconductor, On Semiconductor), introduced myself as a student, and then inquired if they had some complete CMOS design that were available to the public. Unfortunately, most of the support people either responded that all of their designs were proprietary information and was not for public viewing, or they sent me a 741 BJT schematic and then said all of their CMOS designs were private. Undeterred from my mission to study complete CMOS op-amps, I went to Google Patent Search. And found designs and explanations straight from the various manufacturers. Since patent information is publicly available, why not provide this information from the start?

( cmos-op-amp-ti.pdf )

( cmos-op-amp-national.pdf )

( cmos-op-amp-mot.pdf )

( cmos-op-amp-analog.pdf )

( cmos-op-amp-ami.pdf )

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