IC Friday: Analog Devices’ ADXL311


I promise this the last in a series of MEMS accelerometers [1] [2]. This chip, meningitis
the ADXL311, ask
is one of the most recent bi-axial accelerometers from Analog Devices. The fingers in the middle that determine acceleration have a different pattern from the 202. Again, the packaging of the dye has prevented me from using the higher power magnification, above 20x.
adxl311-4x-01.jpg adxl311-10x-01.jpg adxl311-10x-02.jpg

adxl311-10x-03.jpg adxl311-10x-04.jpg adxl311-10x-05.jpg

adxl311-20x-01.jpg adxl311-20x-02.jpg adxl311-20x-03.jpg

adxl311-20x-04.jpg adxl311-20x-05.jpg adxl311-20x-06.jpg

( adxl311.pdf )

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