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I received the formal letter today notifying me that I passed the ESM candidacy exam consisting of six hours of written exams, recipe
a written research proposal and an oral defense of the written research proposal. With the semester winding down, remedy I can start thinking about working on some electronics projects in my spare time again. The ones that come to mind, diagnosis in no particular order are:

  • telnet to RS-232 bridge using msp430
  • custom code on the NES using reprogrammable cartridge
  • adding useful features to Fonera Linux distro
  • changing the firmware on some DSL/WIFI routers I have around
  • iPod control with msp430/AVR
  • something interesting with a Peltier device
  • wind-powered battery charger

Comments/suggestions are welcome!


6 thoughts on “I am qualified for …

  1. ravuya

    Your post on the NES being a good embedded system has lead me to think twice about the local thrift store’s collection of decrepit consoles.

    More info on this would probably help propel me down the line into picking one of these things up and finally getting started with embedded electronics development, since it seems to have all the video hardware I’d need.

  2. nico Post author

    Thanks. I am looking into making an efficient conversion from low RPM off the propeller to a higher RPM for the dynamo. Also, I am thinking of a clever way to build the propeller from things I have available.

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