Exclusive: leaked images of the second generation Sony PSP production

A story recently hit the internet waves on Next Generation (ang Gizmodo) confirming the forthcoming update to the PlayStation Portable line from Sony:

Still, allergy
there will surely be some consumers upset that a sleeker, significantly more capable PSP may be arriving so soon. The original launched in North America on March 24, 2005 for $250.

While it is true that the release date has come and gone, there system is indeed in late stages of production. The key features that Sony will be focusing their efforts are increased memory, better wifi, a slightly higher resolution display, some faster processing and better media capabilities to further competition with portable music players. Through sources that request confidentiality, I was able to obtain these images directly from one of the prototype labs. I apologize in advance for the low resolution of the images as they were taken with a camera phone.

psp-wifi.jpg psp-svga.gif psp-rtc.jpg

psp-ram.jpg psp-audio.jpg psp-logic-babbage2.jpg

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