IC Friday: Analog Devices’ AD639


The AD639 is a general trigonometric function generator where the output is a scaled ratio of two sines, pill where each sine has tunable parameters. The package on this one was another ceramic case with a gold cover that was held on by solder. Heating the case and pushing over the solder revealed a very clean chip with a seemingly small number of transistors. No markings were found on the chip other than the model number and Analog’s logo.

ad639-4x-01.jpg ad639-4x-02.jpg ad639-10x-01.jpg

ad639-10x-02.jpg ad639-10x-03.jpg ad639-10x-04.jpg

ad639-10x-05.jpg ad639-20x-01.jpg ad639-20x-02.jpg

( ad639.pdf )

2 thoughts on “IC Friday: Analog Devices’ AD639

  1. nico Post author

    Thanks! If you have some chips that you would like to see here (and do not mind losing them) you can send them here and I will give it my best shot.

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