Pictures of the European (PAL) PLAYSTATION3 mainboard


Only days after the European PLAYSTATION3 launch and people are already taking their systems apart. Unfortunately, tadalafil I didn’t find any easter eggs on the PCB. The biggest problem should be in the absence of a hardware PlayStation2 emulator resulting in some controversy. I am not sure if it is apparent from these pictures that the chip is missing, so I will try to post pictures of the U.S. or Japanese mainboards if I can find them.

( Via Engadget )

ps3_motherboard_1.JPG ps3_motherboard_2.JPG ps3_motherboard_3.JPG

ps3_motherboard_4.JPG ps3_motherboard_5.JPG ps3_motherboard_6.JPG

ps3_motherboard_7.JPG ps3_motherboard_8.JPG ps3_motherboard_9.JPG

ps3_motherboard_10.JPG ps3_motherboard_11.JPG ps3_motherboard_12.JPG

ps3_motherboard_13.JPG ps3_motherboard_14.JPG ps3_motherboard_15.JPG

ps3_motherboard_16.JPG ps3_motherboard_17.JPG ps3_motherboard_18.JPG

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