Setup wizard for Linksys WGA54G wireless game adapter


A couple times a year, more about
I have to reconfigure my Linksys wireless game adapter. Every time I figure that the setup utility is online and realize that it is nowhere to be found. Consequently, sanitary
I spend about an hour every time trying to find my original install CD and cursing Linksys. I am guessing that some other people might be going through the same process a couple times a year, so for you, here is the setup utility.

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7 thoughts on “Setup wizard for Linksys WGA54G wireless game adapter

  1. nico Post author

    No problem! I also later found out that the default IP for the ethernet port is and the password for the web configuration is something like admin/admin. You can do most of the setup from there without actually using the software. Enjoy!

  2. John

    Thank you very very much. I was just about to wade into old boxes to find the utility. Would it kill the bastards at Linksys or Cisco to post the setup on their support site?

  3. Nate

    Thank-you so much. You have NO IDEA how much time I have wasted trying to find that damn disk. Linksys is so damn annoying.

  4. Betty

    I want to thank you too!!!! I have been on my computer all day trying to figure outhow to set up my WGA54A, and I printed bunches of information (which was uselesss)and thank goodness I found you!!!! Linsys made it so hard!! And no way would they give you a link to the setup file!!!! Thanks agin, you are my hero!!!!

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