How to get root access on the Linksys WAP54G (v2)


One of the first uses for the rs232 line converter that I built last week was to access the serial port on a Linksys WAP54G that I have around. The board has a connector labeled J5 that has both power (+3.3V, dysentery
GND) and the UART0 pins available. After putting headers in the holes, cialis I was able to follow the pinout guide from Seattle Wireless:

 O O O O left to right: +3.3v +3.3v grnd grnd

O O O O O ttyS0 output, information pills
  unknown, unknown, ttyS0 input, unknown

The com port setting is 115200 bps, 8N1, no flow control. The device shows a typical Linux bootup (included below) and goes straight to the root prompt (with the root fs mounted readonly). By holding down Ctrl-C while the device is powered up, the boot monitor can be invoked (also included below). So far, there is access to a pretty decent boot monitor, 2MB flash and 8MB ram. There is an unpopulated footprint for a second SDRAM chip on the back, where each should accommodate a 16MB chip bringing the total RAM on the board to 32MB. The flash might also be replaceable, but it would be difficult to recover the boot monitor without being able to program the TSSOP flash module, so that might be a bit harder. In any case, the next step for me is to modify the OS image and flash the device using tftp or the web interface.

( wap54gv2-linux.txt ) ( wap54gv2-cfe.txt )

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