Nintendo rolls out “everybody votes” channel


While taking a break from homework, malady I walked to the kitchen to get a drink only to notice that the Wii had a message for me. The message was a surprise announcement of the Everybody Votes channel where users can cast their votes on various questions. New tool for the Nintendo marketing department or some sort of collaboration channel? Who knows, so far there are only four questions up and no voting data. More to come as information becomes available.

Current questions are:

- What is the most romantic valentine’s gift? (chocolates or roses)

- I’d rather live in a house on … ? (a mountain or the beach)

- Which century would you rather live in? (19th or 22nd)

- Do you prefer dogs or cats?

wi-vote-01.JPG wi-vote-02.JPG wi-vote-03.JPG

wi-vote-04.JPG wi-vote-05.JPG wi-vote-06.JPG

wi-vote-07.JPG wi-vote-08.JPG wi-vote-09.JPG

wi-vote-10.JPG wi-vote-11.JPG

2 thoughts on “Nintendo rolls out “everybody votes” channel

  1. OldBlue

    And, of course, they will craft the questions so that they are generating a boatload of demographics data to sell to marketers. Mix them in with the innocuous questions and make it fun.

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