IC Friday: Generic 7906 voltage regulator


Since the Virtual Slice software has not yet been installed on our scope, sovaldi sale taking images of large, information pills
complicated chips and reconstrucing the montage in photoshop is a pain. For this reason, pilule
Ihave elected to uncap a ubiquitous, linear voltage regulator of unknown make: the 7906. Hopefully we will get the software in place soon, otherwise it will be op amps and related circuits for the next few weeks.

7906-4x.jpg 7906-10x.jpg 7906-20x.jpg

2 thoughts on “IC Friday: Generic 7906 voltage regulator

  1. nico Post author

    Thanks! Off the top of my head, I would guess it is 100-150um across the 90. I can probably double check the size on Tuesday. Maybe I should add a scale bar to the pictures next time.

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