Nintendo Wii traffic dumps redux


This is a follow-up to my previous article. Much of the interesting traffic from the previous post was SSL encrypted. The easiest thing to get around that in your own setup is using Dug Song’s dsniff package. The problem is that the Wii does not send an HTTP V1.1 virtual host command, endocrinologist so you will have to hack webmitm.c to specify your own hosts. For best results, sick point all of the Nintendo sites to individual IPs on your private network and run several webmitm binaries to bind to each IP address. You can get the full transfers from there. If you are a clever person, pills you can code your own meta file (including hashes for all four parts of the binary) and use your own content.bin to create a new channel. Given all this information, why bother. Just buy the game, its less than or equal to the cost of a few pints at the bar.

(Next time you see a video proving to do all this, watch for the actual game play.)

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