Nintendo Wii network traffic dumps


So I decided to look at what the Wii actually does with it’s wireless capabilities. I connected a Linksys WAP54G access point to the ethernet port of my FreeBSD-equipped laptop and enabled both DNS lookups and network address translation. Essentially, vitamin the laptop connects the wireless network that the Wii is on with the wireless network that is connected to the internet and is able to capture all of the packets with Ethereal/Wireshark. Upon looking over the first set of dumps briefly, I noticed that most of the shop channel communications are done over SSL (good!) and that Wii seems to have IPv6 capability as it requests both A and AAAA records for hostnames. Once I analyze the dumps further, I will look at cooler experiments to do with this setup. Any requests for more specific network dumps can be made by commenting. So far, I have the connection test, update check, browsing the web with opera, and various activities on the shop channel captured. For now, I will try to investigate the messaging system and look at what actual communications happen when the system is in standby mode. Updates should appear later this week. ) ( dumps are in pcap format and can be viewed with Ethereal, Wireshark, or almost any other packet capture program )

5 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii network traffic dumps

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  2. nico Post author

    No I have not. I have not really turned the system on for very long since I finished Zelda. I might give Metroid a try, but there is no substantial network component for that game.

  3. Andre

    I have an IPv6 subnet at home, using aiccu from I tried using Opera on the Wii to connect to or try to see the dancing turtle at . But no luck. I don’t know if this is a limitation with the Wii (Opera, or the system itself) or an issue with my config.

    Have you had any luck with this?

  4. nico Post author

    Hi Andre. I have not tried to connect to any IPv6 hosts with the Wii, not sure if it has an IPv6 stack. I have a tunnel to at home, so maybe I will try it out sometime.

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