V3C Razr USB driver


In case you have the misfortune of using a Motorola V3C Razr and forget your charger, ampoule
you need drivers to charge the phone from a standard USB port. This is because the phone needs to authenticate the charger prior to use. If you have a windows system, the drivers are available here. Not sure about other platforms.

razr-v3c-usb-driver.zip )

3 thoughts on “V3C Razr USB driver

  1. meh

    I already have this set of drivers… somewhere, so I searched google and happened to come across your article [http://microblog.routed.net/2006/12/02/v3c-razr-usb-driver/]. What happened to your phone, and what in your opinion is the biggest folly of using the V3C? Personally, I’ve found it to be a great phone. I was able to obtain Motorola Phone Tools, as well as the P2KCommander apps – which make customizing and hacking the phone really enjoyable.

  2. nico Post author

    Firstly, the picture above is not my phone, I just found it to be amusing. I have recently upgraded to a Motorola Q and therefore do not use the Razr anymore. While I have used it, the Razr has served me well. It has good clarity and excellent reception and intuitive menus. I wouldn’t mind a louder speaker phone as I typically use it while driving.

  3. meh

    Thank you for the prompt response, Nico. I agree with you about the need to increase the speaker volume. My main quibble at this moment is that the battery has grown so weak within just 1 year, that I can barely get in a conversation from a full charge without it needing to be recharged. I’ve had other phones where the batteries have lasted well over 2 years through average wear-n-tear. I think it’s time for a new phone. :]

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