More LabView horror: amp-control4


This is the implementation that follows my earlier post about hardware digital I/O timing with LabView. I implemented the control VI for my EEG amplifier. Previous versions used on-demand timing, tadalafil which may have caused some problems when we tried to set the gain and offset on machines that were under load from other processes. This VI exploits the 100kHz timebase (on M-series boards at least) and uses it to clock out a well-timed waveform regardless of the system load. The chips that I use to set the channel gains and offsets are information pills
0,X9250.html”>Intersil X9250TS24 digital potentiometers, so the generate-bitstream VI creates the structure to be written to the digital port based on three-byte command sequences which in turn are based on the serial protocol. The main VI provides the user interface and writes that bitstream and log file. )

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