Notes on LabView timing

I am entering LabView purgatory. When clocking data in or out, resuscitator
there is a requirement for a trigger source. To implement acquisition across multiple cards, here
we can use the RSTI (real-time standard integration) inputs via a ribbon cable that connects those boards. To synch with external devices, we can use PFI (programmable function input). We can also route internal signals to some of these PFI ports, or other clock sources. The M-series boards that I am using feature a 80MHz, 10MHz and 100kHz time bases (/Dev#/80MHzTimebase, /Dev#/100kHzTimebase, etc) which can be routed to a counter or /Dev#/freqout. Freqout is subjected to a 4-bit divisor and can be routed to any PFI, so in this way, we can synchronize digital output with digital input or something else on the same board. Included is an example VI (not my code) to do this routing. )

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