Monthly Archives: July 2006

Microsoft offers Virtual PC SP1 for …. free

In the recent days, Microsoft has made its Virtual PC free for download. Current work on Virtual PC 2007 should also yield a downloadable product. Although you can use this to run Linux of FreeBSD, Virtual PC certainly lacks the VMWare tools that you can install into the target operating system. With that aside, can’t beat the price!

The cheapest webcam


Some time ago, order I bought a 15$ webcam from Microcenter and tossed it in a box somewhere for a few years. I have recently found it again and decided to put it to good use. The camera comes up as a CIF Single Chip webcam when you try to plug it in, tadalafil however, it is actually a SC-120 from ORITE (website no longer works.) After some work I was able to locate the driver with their own capture utility. If you have the camera and want to save yourself some time, the drivers are below.

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Builtin NT (and 2000/2003/XP) remote access


There have been a few times when I needed to get to some files or run some jobs on a windows (NT/2000/2003/XP) machine and had administrative access on the domain but VNC/Remote Desktop enabled on the machine, prescription these times would often result in me driving to the site to do some tinkering for a short period of time followed by another drive back. After some time, check I learned to use the built-in NT network services to my advantage. Continue reading