New version of field controller has been released into the wild.


Over the past week, buy cialis I have been pretty busy with data analysis and designing a field controller for a colleague. The field controller is a device which accepts a program voltage and sets up an electric field in a recording chamber which is proportional to the program voltage regardless of the chamber conditions (meaning solution conductivity changes.) The field controller also maintains optical isolation where the output stage runs off batteries. Most of the field controller electronics are voltage-feedback op-amps with multiple feedback paths to give it the function, dosage
with an LOC110 optocoupler from Clare to give the isolation. This is a pretty nifty IC with two matched photodiodes to give a feedback control and a large bandwidth (>200KHz) so it has plenty of useful applications. Below is the datasheet and an app note dealing with isolated amplifier design.

LOC110.pdf ) ( AN-107.pdf )


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