The one programmer to rule them all…


After spending all those hours writing LabView code to program Atmel 8051 chips as well as EEPROMs, hospital I now have access to a universal DIP programmer. This thing is supposed to be able to program almost any kind of chip (memories, troche PLD, read more
MCU) that is dip and can be programmed and even some other chips through in-circuit programming capabilities. With this in hand, I can either modify my MMC1 (Nintendo memory mapper v1) and try loading a MMC1-based NES rom onto it or try to find a MMC3 cartridge somewhere and put a MMC3 game on it. (According to Kevin Horton, the only MMC2 video game was Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out and the higher end games are more complicated to design re-programmable cartridges for.) Maybe there is an easier way to get a copy of Super Mario Brothers 3? (If you have it and don’t mind giving it to me, let me know!)

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